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Ilkeston in Derbyshire

Ilkeston Rotary Club would like to thank the family of club member and ex president Ken Law for donating to us many of the banners and souvenires he collected over his time with Ilkeston Rotary. The photographs below show the Ilkeston banner and a printed paper banner which expplains the origin of the name Ilkeston. These were used by Ken and other club members when visiting other rotary clubs. During the visit banners would be exchanged and the other clubs banner would then be taken back to the visitors club.

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The following is a copy of the wording on the paper banner which, as you can see, came to us carefully preserved in a clear cellophone bag which we have retained.

Greetings from

The market town of Ilkeston lies in the heart of England on the border between Derbshire - Nottinghamshire border, being approximately 8 miles north-east of Derby and 8 miles west of Nottingham, with it's town center and the Norman Church of St Mary's perched on top of a hill overlooking the Erewash Valley.

The history of Ilkeston dates back to the Stone and Bronze ages, as many relics found in and around the town have shown, though it is considered unlikely that any village existed at Ilkeston at that time. About the time of Emporer Nero, the Erewash Valley became part of Roman Britain and reamined so until about AD600, when an Anglian (German) pirate-chief who bore a figure of an elk on his shield sailed up the river Trent and sacked Derventio (Derby). From there he advanced northwards and established a settlement on top of the hill that overlooked the Erewash Valley and thus it was named 'Elchestun" which means 'enclosure of the Elk'. The invasion of the Angles all over the southern half of the country gave rise to the title of Angle-Land and hence England. Over the centuries that followed, Elchestun became altered as a result of translation and missinterpretation to the name we have today of Ilkeston. This history is represented on our club banner by the progression of the towns name from Elcheston through Elkesdon, Ilchestune and Ilkesdon to the final name of Ilkeston.

The banner also feature two other symbols, the first of these being the Borough Coat of Arms which were granted in 1887, the year of incorporation of the borough of Ilkeston and bear the moto ' Labor Omnia Vincit' which means 'Work triumphs over everything.' The arms indicate the industry that flourished in the area at that time. The hanks of cotton represent the textile industry and the gloves the glove-making trade in the town. The lace industry is represented by a piece of Maltese Lace across the top of the shield whilst the astronomical character of Mars at the centre represents the iron and steel works in the area. The crest is that of a bears head holding a sefety lamp representing the mining industry. The other symbol is that of joined hands, representing the hand of freindship to all, regardless of country, colour and creed from the President and Members of the Rotary Club of Ilkeston.